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If you weren't in a relationship with your partner, would you still want to hang out with them?

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If i dont have new partner. It is ok for me to hang out as normal friends but not frequently. But if I have new partner I choose to respect my new partner attitude. The situation is if we have the chance to stay together physically, but in long distance I choose no to meet previous one, if it is not necessary.

Yep. We enjoy a lot of the same things, and we started out as good friends




Absolutely, we have so many similar interests and we hung out before we got together.
Definitely. We're both excited by many of the same things. And we both believe in friendship and loyalty.
Female, 36-40 years, Married | Mar 24, 2017

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of course

absolutely. without a doubt. 100%. sometimes i have thoughts that if me and him didnt date, wed have a more special relationship then we do now because it would be so pure with nothing negative ever. it would be a friendship till we die. if i couldnt be in a relationship with him i would really want to be friends with him.

I don't know. I would definitely want to dance with her, but apart from that, we don't have many common activities. And as she said, I do a lot of things and she needs attention so it wouldn't work.

Yes, so one day he will become my partner lmao
yes please
Male or Female, 21-25 years, Dating | Feb 08, 2019

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yes because she's so funny.
on the real though I think no because things aren't that easy on just being friends


Yeah (if we hadn't ever started dating). He's a good time and really funny. ☺️

Hell yea, she's pretty much as cool as me...sometimes. Lol

Of course!

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