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What expression does your partner use that you like?

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Peachy keen, Jelly Bean!

It melts my heart when he calls me sweetheart. and he was the first boyfriend to ever call me/I call baby.

Let's ditch this Popsicle stand I literally still remember u saying at on one of our first dates and it still makes me laugh

I love when he says he loves me or when he calls me babe/baby. It makes me feel wanted and good inside no matter how many times he says it. I dont think he could ever say it enough to make me feel tired of hearing it.

When he calls me a goober or nerd. It's endearing.

"REEEAALLLYY?!?" Hahahaha. You always say it with your lil accent and it's funny

Get ripe for each other because we want to be look sexy and hot !! But somehow I have typo I typed ripe instead is

I'm not scurred
Numba one stunna
Cover up those beauties
How's your day
Well good
The way he says Hellow
Fiddle me this
...I could go on and on

Alls I'm sayin.

When you say "te amo" and when you call me "sweetheart" ❤️

pues antes me gustaba que me dijera ''mi cielo'' lo decia de una manera encantadora, obvio solo era para ganarme... ahora aun lo dice pero ya es asi como que ''lo tengo que decir por que es lo que se hace con la novia'' xp

I like when I say Bubba and he responds saying Bubba in the cutest voice. I also love the face he makes when hes watch a big game and his team just scores. I love seeing his face light up and him getting all riled up

I love being your girl 😘

It's science. That's why we can't have nice things. Kelp tape!


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