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Do you believe it's OK to be friends with your exes? How does your partner feel about it?

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Generally no. I supposed if you went on one date with somebody when you were 16 and nothing happened and you've been friends with that person since then maybe that's different. However, in most cases it's best to leave them in the past- unfollow on Twitter, I friend on Facebook, and delete their number and past messages. The more you remove them from your life, the better. If you have kids then yes, be civil to one another but that's where it should end.

Nope, they are x's for a reason

Yes, I think it's ok but to a degree, meeting up for a chat is great but I would think it would be weird to go to anything date like or coupley with them.

I'm on the fence about this. I think he's okay with it.

No soy amiga de ninguno (bueno, sólo de uno que no fue una relación seria, Pedro). No le molesta, ni le incomoda, creo

Personally I've found that having romantic histories with people makes friendship complicated in ways that may be best left alone and in the past where the relationship ended. From what I gather, it sounds like you haven't felt inclined to keep your ex in your life so I'm assuming we're on the same page when it comes to that?

it´s not ok

Not really. I don't think it's possible unless ur relationship was a joke

I am almost not. I have one ex who is a friend but I don't talk to her that much now. I think you can be friends with your exes, as long as things are clear between the two, and as long as you think you can handle it.

He still talks to his exes. I have no communication with mine. We have absolutely nothing to talk about.

Eh no... And idk.
No, don't like it
Male, 26-30 years, Dating, 07, NL | Oct 06, 2015

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Nah friendly not friends

It's acceptable, since it's only friendship now. My partner would understand

Yeah, you don't have to hate the person. I mean they shouldn't be BFFS that's a bit odd. Peobs the same or doesn't care

i think its ok if its not weird, but i dont have exes so idk. i think she finds it weird

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