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What's the sexiest part of your partner's body?

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Cute butt ;)

I'd have to say his heart as well. He has such a good and big heart and is just so caring how could I not start to fall in love.

His hands

Eyes!!!! Can see forever through them.

Asss 😍 but honestly I love your whole body
Female, 31-35 years, Dating, Gay, NJ, US | Jan 26, 2016

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Her shoulders and her butt

Her Irish green eyes and dark brown/black hair 😍


Ahh how do I choose?!? I find your tits such a turn on but then I also get really turned on by rubbing your clit and then when I think about your ass!! Tits, vagina, ass in no particular order.


Mm mm that ass

Shoulders, smile, booty😍😍😍
Love the boobies but that little waist omg 😍
Male, 41-50 years, Dating | Jan 11, 2016

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Her mind. She's something else. I fall in love with her everyday.

are your eyes , your skin tone is very attractive love

Hmmm that asss 😍😍👏🏾🎂

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