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At amusement parks, do you prefer roller coasters or the tamer rides?

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tamer... lmao 😝 I go on the big ones at blue bayou though. 😇

Roller Coasters for sure!

I have a love and hate thing with roller coasters, and it was all thanks to the first time I did it. It was all my girlfriend's fault who took me there. hahaha.

roller coasters, bc I have no idea what tamer rides are

Paseos tranquilos, tengo muchísimo vértigo. Nunca subo en montañas rusas, lo paso francamente mal

Roller coasters!! The higher ,faster more intense the better!

Tamer ridefs

Roller coasters


Roller coasters

I guess tamer rides even though I don't know what it is. I don't really like roller coasters. I would do one or two but not over and over

rollercoaster no soy muy miedosa

Roller coaster me baby!

Roller coasters! Yet, I don't think we have been on you together except for the small ones that we can get our boy on.

Roller Coasters

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