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Are your most romantic memories recent or long-gone?

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I wouldn't say they're long-gone because we both remember the good and bad times of us, but, some are recent even if we're not officially together. There are good moments that I consider romantic that he may not and vice verse.

Long gone, working snail pace on it

Fairly recent and in another couple weeks

They're pretty recent


Not long gone but not recent either.
Female, 26-30 years, Married | Apr 23, 2013

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Very recent ;)

Long and wanting more the next day

Long long long gone

I wouldn't say long gone. But not to recent either.

Not to long & not to recent

Just on my birthday. Like yesterday :)

A bit of both

Both. Started when we were teenagers and still continues :)

5 years ago mutual friends told me he was SOOOO romantic and for me to wait and see.....I'm still waiting!
Male, <20 years, Married | Jun 08, 2013

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