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At what moment did you know you were comfortable with your partner?

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When we started doing everything together

I liked the fact that she did not bother to cover herself in front of me early in our relationship, in Vincennes. That was one thing that comforted me about us, because I would not like a person to be ashamed of her body in front of her boyfriend, with hom she had just made love. Basically, I was comfortable very early with her because we would talk a lot, play the questions game and it made me feel like she accepted the way I was.

When I realize he might leave me because of the distance. It makes me realize I love because I love him. Without expectations and knowing I might very well end up very hurt and disappointed in the end. Give myself regardless of the outcome. Feeling every bit of it all along the way, all the kisses and cuts.

When we had our first endless conversation

As soon as she got into my car and our eyes met. I knew then that everything we shared was real. I knew that those eyes at that moment melted my heart and would continue to do that, hopefully for the rest of my life.

Falling asleep on top of him completely naked

while playing truth and truth xD
heh si :D
Male or Female, 26-30 years, Dating | Mar 03, 2016

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when he started to open up and talk to me about things that are important or he would say to anyone. when he would tell me his stories when he was younger, when we cuddled half naked for the first time.

After I got the first kiss asked for and delivered

The first time we were intimate, and he sneezed, accidentally blowing snot in my face. I'm highly germaphobic, and it didn't bother me in the slightest, because it was kind of funny, and he turned so red. I found it kind of adorable how worried he'd got that that would've been the end, which with anyone else, it would have been. But I didn't want that to end with him, so even hating the germs, I was comfortable that it was him and not someone else.

When you could go to the bathroom in front of them


For me, when we met at the outlet mall the first time ever. We were in Coach and our moms were looking and we were like byeeee. You took my hand and after a few tries we figured out how to walk together as a couple holding hands. I knew that we clicked, and just everything about you made me comfortable. And then you kissed me and I was like "Yup. This is it."

A little while after the river trip.

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