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Have you ever been on a proper adventure with your partner?

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Slightly. Everyday is an adventure for us.

Honfleur <3. Nice and unprepared :D. We had so much fun and so much luck about the restaurant and everything we did :)

Not yet!

Cambodia 2016 here we come baby :)

Yeah, my house, monday

Our life is one insane adventure I'd say

Not yet, but I plan on it!
When we can finally go places by ourselves, I want to go on a hike someplace we've both never been and stay out camping at least one night :)

We've been on some fun adventures in Boston and Albany so far. I'm REALLY looking forward to our adventures in Ontario though, since neither of have been there (as adults at least)! And Disney too... ☺️

yes many

yea camping are our best adventures.

Our entire relationship is an adventure.

We have lots of trips together so I say yeah but we always are looking for a bigger adventure than the last

Make an adventure out of everything. Go on a road trip, it's an adventure. Flat tire, it's an adventure. Get sick from fuddruckers, it's an adventure. Go mini golfing, it's an adventure.

No. We need to. The beach or something far and fun where we have the day to ourseles

Oh yes soo many!! Always seeking new ones!!

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