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What annoys you the most about the opposite gender?

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Unstable emotions.

that are rude and irresponsible.

Sometimes they may not see how hurtful words can be.

Lack of communication

Everyone's their own person. You can be annoying no matter your gender.


crude and rough

Que son menos sensibles

Generalizations based on gender.


No, I instead feel bad for them for being female
Male or Female, 21-25 years, Dating | Dec 26, 2015

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The emotional instability. Men are much more consistent and it is generally easier getting along. However, the risk is being too humdrum, too let go of the other just because things softly drift apart. With women, it is like a roller coaster. Goods and bads that make you feel alive and help you learn more about her and relationship. The bond is tightened by these highs and lows and therefore, I think it is a good thing, even though it is tougher to adjust to it.

not understanding them,lol

If anything I think that it's a mutual misunderstanding from both sides of how Persons of the opposite sex process information from one another. People are to easily concerned with hurting someone's feelings so the beat around the bush about issues and drop subtle hints that may not ever get acknowledged and they turn to colossal issues.
Are you referring to any particular time with us? lol. 🙈 My guilty conscience automatically goes back to when I'd turned my phone off. 😝🔫 #lessonlearned ...and if you've tried to drop subtle hints to me about an issue, I don't believe I've gotten them. You'll just have to come out and say it. 🙊😘
Female, 31-35 years, Dating | Apr 06, 2016

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Everyone can be annoying

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