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Around the house, what jobs does your partner do that you hate?

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He takes out the dirty diapers! Such a great help and saves me from the smell;-)

The laundry! I love that she does the bulk of the laundry! She washes, drys, and most importantly folds! It's amazing!

He usually helps me out when I ask him to. It's not that I hate any particular chore, I just sometimes really don't feel like doing it, or I don't have time/energy to do it.

Cleaning the restroom, it's my least favorite thing to do around the house 😳


When she doesn't let me do all of the work

I think I do all the jobs to some extent, but when she gets the groceries, that's awesome!

Sucking my dick



She cleaned her apartment that one time before I came over

Changes the cat box, does the dishes, takes out the trash and diapers :)

Cooking is the biggest one I think

Hanging up my clothes and the dishes! I hate doing both.

I do all the jobs because I don't have a cleaner.

He does none of the jobs because he does.

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