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Are you a saver or a spender? How about your partner?

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I'm a spender and my wife is a good mix of both

Saver. Partners a spender

My wife is a spend. Pay days can't come quick enough

Both and saver

Both are savers but not shy about spending money on something nice or something we need. Neither of us can pass up a good deal (see our new patio furniture).

A little of both!! We like spending carefully usually but OOPS we love to spoil eachother!!
On my own, I'm a big saver though.

We're both spenders. I wish I were a saver.

I'm in the middle somewhere
90% saver, 10% spender.
Female, >50 years, Dating | Sep 03, 2015

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Spender and spender
Sadly XD
Male or Female, 26-30 years, Dating | Nov 06, 2015

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Im a saver she's a huge spender

I wish I could be a saver. I never spend money on myself.

yo ni la una ni la otra trato de que me alcance todo , mi novio algo gastador pero es porque puede si yo pudiera tambien gastaría mas

Pretty much savers, but spenders when it comes to food.

We both are spender! Hahaha. If want to save also can

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