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What's something you talk about that you think bores your partner?

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Anything computer related.

Every once in a while I go on a music tangent. Whether it's about musical theatre, opera, or singing. I feel like it could get boring though I hope you'd let me know if that's the case!
I have never once gotten bored when you talk about that stuff. In fact I admire when you do. You are so passionate and you sound very smart which is a very attractive quality. I think its amazing!
Female, 26-30 years, Dating | Oct 25, 2016

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aveces se siente que todo , el lleva una vida importante fuera y al entrar a este entorno familiar de cosas absurdas tiene que bajarse a nuestro nivel

Everything I say. I don't think I am good at carrying a good conversation

I dnt really talk much about anything specifically 😳

Pop culture and all things celeb related

When I actually give an elaborate answer to "How was your day?". And psychology/philosophy geek stuff.

everything. but more than bored he seems annpyed evertime because I talk too much. also bored when I talk about work or complain about work.

Sports too much 😳

I don't really know. He's good at faking interest I think. 😆 Maybe if I give an elaborate answer to how my day's going or randomly thinking out loud.

Video copilot

When I talk too much about people she doesn't know, she gets annoyed. But boring her out ? I always try not to bore her so I guess nothing ?

Nothing, I'm very entertaining

When I talk about my emotions, she gets bored. When I talk about negative things, she tends to push me away when I actually really need a shoulder for support. And when I talk about my love for music.


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