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Are you a saver or a spender? How about your partner?

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I'm definately the saver. My partner is the spender


I am cheap as hell. She is getting better but what girl doesnt enjoy new shoes and clothes. Plus when she spends money on me i cant blame her. Shes my world

Saver but spend when I need to

I'm definatly a saver

With both have a savings mindset i just tend to spend more

Saver. He's half and half.

I'm definitely the spender, though I'm trying harder to save.

Spender :( my partner is too. It's so hard not to be!!

Used to be a big spender, but now I'm not like that as much. Still like to spend a lot on my wife when I can though. Sometimes I still over spend.

I'm the saver he's the spender

No sé, yo suelo ahorrar pero soy muy desprendido del dinero

I am the ultimate saver and he is the exact opposite. It drives me nuts but I know he thinks I'm way too cheap. We drive each other nuts when it comes to money ...

I not sure what we are.

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