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What was your impression of your partner the first time you met them?

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Rugged but shy and very very sweet.

She's beautiful

Me hizo gracia porque era la típica niña tímida que me gustaba pone explorada diciéndole cualquier tontería. Le dije que si era hutu (sinuíta dice ella)



Very handsome and charismatic... So much so, that at the time I found him to be a bit intimidating, but in the way that caused butterflies in my stomache and my cheeks to become rosey. <3

I thought she was just some bi curious girl who was messing around, but she turned out to be the love of my life

Wow she's gorgeous

I felt his kindness immediately... But I saw sadness in his eyes the first day I met him...

I could tell he was a hard worker and people really liked him

Her captivating eyes and her hair. Absolutely beautiful.

I didn;t think it was gonna go anywhere honestly, I though she was just another face in the crowd. boy am i glad It wasnt just that

She was so upbeat and happy, incredibly naturally beautiful. It was an immediate attraction and turn on.

She was shy and a dork

I thought she had everything going on with her hair & glasses. Perfection!

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