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Sending me icebreakers all day at work when I'm trying to concentrate!

Whistling, playing the trumpet, being smarticles, being beautiful, making me laugh for decades.

Cooking, playing basketball, and making love to me ❤️

Soccer and being my best friend and everything

Making me laugh :] He's pretty good at a lot of things though... 😉 Like cooking and eating and building stuff and connecting stuff. 😇😎✌🏼️😋

He's an amazing cook!

Coming up with new ideas to better the world, and putting all of his effort and energy into what he loves.
The weighter 😍
Male, 26-30 years, Dating | Feb 08, 2016

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mála! teikna! allt!

design and photography

un gran conversador , mantener el orden , y mantener la calma en momentos dificiles

Singing, doing massage, calmed me down, be obedient, eating pussy;)

Dwaing. And cooking! ^^
And singing.
Male or Female, 26-30 years, Dating | Dec 12, 2016

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jugando fútbol

Sucking Big Rocko 😏💦😂

She is good at being in other people's shoes. She is always very compassionate and it is heart melting. I also love the way she writes, you can see it is not not by chance that she did literature studies. I also find it amazing the way she always can understand me so well.

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