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What's something your partner has been bugging you to do that you think you should have done already?

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No me ha molestado, me sugiere que cambie mi actitud ante los problemas, que sea positiva y proactiva. Debería hacerlo y estoy en el camino.

We both know we'll offer our opinions but not force another to do things. I'm sure she would love if I have myself more of a break,

Come home lol


Marked my territory.

Well, idk I think I do everything she wants me to do .if she bugging me about it then it must be important enough to at least talk about .#shesmyworld#shedeservesthebest#

We would probably agree that I need to stop stressing out//worrying about everything.

Be healthier, relax & enjoy life more

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I'm not really sure lol

it doesnt bother me. pretty much everything he asks me to do doesnt bug me. but I admit he asks me to trust him and understand him more and I feel really bad for not doing it before.

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I dnt think there's anything he bugs me to do..


Um nothing

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