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What are you most grateful for in life?

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En mi vida agradezco especialmente por mi familia, mi hijo, por Willy y Andres,Yo

My dogs and food

Bella, our babies, our families I'm just grateful for so much and I hope Bella sees that


My soon-to-be-husband, God, my family..

My family and friends.

Finding my one true love, finding the one woman who has always been there, a woman who loves and cares for me nonstop, I couldn't ask for anything better

Pete, my best friends (Mel/Ash), my family of course

God's mercy on my life even when I didn't deserve it.

My family, my soon to be wife and my career

Having family and friends that love me and would help me if I needed it.

family and him :))


Meeting my amazing cutie pie <3

You!!! And the kids. And the way everyone just meshed together perfectly and we are the family that I've always dreamed of and we are giving the kids the life I've always wanted for them but never could branch out and give them before meeting you. My heart. My world. My soulmate.

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