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How many of your likes and hobbies are shared by your partner?

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Good amount - finding time to do them together is the challenge

We don't have many hobbies


Quite a few of them. We have a lot of hobbies in common and some that make us unique to each other. I think we have the perfect balance.

Almost all. It's the best.

Very few actually, which is weird to a lot of people but seems to work for us

Dancing, eat, take care of other people, be social, acting

We're actually really different. But our morals are super similar. We're a good team:

Well we both like to go for walks other than that probably not many but I think we are good at being interested in what the other person likes

Essential oils which is more special to me than he will ever know. I thank God every day for Brian being open to something that is so big in my life.

A good amount. But my favorite was when we realized that we both collect pez dispensers!
Our mutual collection of pez dispensers is by far the best. But we like to do the same types of dates, and we both have good taste in moves. Hahah especially when it comes to Disney and the muppets xD
Male, 26-30 years, Dating, NY, US | Jan 17, 2016

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I don't feel like I have hobbies. If we had more free time I suspect we'd have a few joint ones.

Ninguno, mi pareja no le intereza nada de lo que yo ago.

Many things, and he is even coming around to watching sports with me 😊

Many ! We both love dancing, we like visiting countries and most activities we do stem from a common interest.

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