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How lucky do you feel to be with your partner?

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Luckiest soon-to-be-a-Man in the world!!!!

Is there a limit ? Infinitely lucky she's the best girlfriend ever im soooo in love with her

Super lucky, she is so great & adorable. She makes me feel alive again. I love her so much ^_^

I believe that I am blessed with exactly what I need, nothing more, nothing less. She is exactly what I need. She knows my darkest secrets, my faults, my insecurities, and she still loves and supports me.

The luckiest person alive

So so lucky. I never thought in a million years id have such a beautiful and strong relationship. I never could have dreamt of a man as good as he and I will never let go of this once in a lifetime love.

Very. We met so young. Neither of us had to do the dating thing.
Super. We've overcome many obstacles and pretty low odds. And we compliment each other perfectly.
Female, 36-40 years, Dating | Nov 06, 2014

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I am the luckiest man I know. Through the millions of people, through the years of other people in our lives, through the hardships we've suffered, we somehow found each other. I am very lucky.

There is no one luckier. I have the most amazing girl alive IK that and she makes me the happiest I've ever been

Extremely, he's everything i ever wanted.

I feel so lucky to be with him. He's the best thing that has ever happened to me!

Extremely, to be able to meet him.

I am extremely blessed to be with him. It just feels right. I mostly feel lucky that I never needed anyone else before him.

Very...our connection is undeniable

More than lucky I'm blessed
Extremely lucky. I really don't deserve him. He's too good for me. And deals with me and my bad moments. But I'm so lucky to have someone who is everything I've ever needed in a man. I'm truly blessed.
Female, 26-30 years, Dating | Nov 03, 2014

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