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Hmm I really don't know, you are always amazing at asking if I'm okay. I guess don't ever be afraid to ask for my help with anything because I will always find a way to help you.

no lo se

For me to show one of my songs :3

Well my favorite is "where should I order pizza from?"
But I want him to start asking me more about anything, so he can get to know me better

What can I do to make you smile every day?

Alguna sobre algún plan de futuro juntos

me gustaría preguntarle porqué ya no me cela, porqué su manera de ver la vida ha cambiado tanto, y decirla que se puede ser muy felices, sin coches lujosos y sin cosas perfectas, tengo miedo de que se enfade por decir esto, aunque se que me ama, perdóname

Want to move to Germany, and mean it.

We talk a lot so she asks me a lot of questions, we know each other very well. She even asked me to marry her so I guess nothing ?

To marry him..

How are you feeling?

i would like him to ask me "would you marry me"

Open a phone book with yellow pages.
On the back side of the 4th yellow page, starting from the bottom, count up 11 words. Formulate a question relevant to that word that would be beneficial for you to know about me.

anything she wants

"Would you like me to answer some icebreakers?"-EZ.

"YAS."- D$

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