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What was your first job?

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Scooping ice cream.

Filing for my dad, then a nanny to 5 kids

Dairy Queen bitch! Unless babysitting counts
Fuel lol. Unless internships count
Female, 31-35 years, Dating, AZ, US | Oct 27, 2015

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I worked at Amato's... worst job I've ever had.

he tenido varios empleos temporales y de diferentes ramas...mmm... mi primer trabajo mas en forma fue el de ilustradora de libros para preescolar, ya que los otros trabajos, a pesar de que eran remunerados, no eran realmente ´´oficiales´´

Working as a cashier at PC World over the Christmas period, hell!

A waitress in The Boardwalk Cafe. Hideous. The manager creamed the tips off us. I also had a shift in the kitchen making starters. Cooking! So stupid.

I worked as a Fountain Operator at my dad's restaurant the North End Diner. I was underage but I was cute and all the waitresses loved me. I made a mean chocolate/peanut butter malt.

Waiter at a retirement home. Those old people were so mean


Selling chicken wings

McDonald's flipping burgers lol

I had two after school jobs. One at a tanning salon and one at a gym.

Night packer at Rochester stores. When the shop closed I would go in and restock the shelves. I was in cookware.

My first job was refereeing soccer, which was god awful.
I bet you were good at it though! Mine was a theater summer camp I believe. I loved it mostly!
Female, 26-30 years, Dating, NJ, US | Apr 27, 2016

Wait lies I was a softball umpire before that. That SUCKED.
Female, 26-30 years, Dating, NJ, US | Apr 27, 2016

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