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What’s your most important daily ritual?

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Rituals are for people who live in fear.

Washing my face with my clarisonic😍

Taking off my make up and putting moisturiser on my face,vvvvvv important

First thing when I wake up, is text my babe and wish her a great day and tell her how beautiful she is, then let her know I'm thinking of her
I love love love our morning messages❤️ It's a great way to begin our day. I start out each day with with a smile on my face because of you❤️
Female, 41-50 years, Dating, LA, US | Jan 26, 2016

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In general: daily hygiene
In our relationship: letting her know how beautiful she is and how much I love her 😘
In general: praying and reading to destress and focus me and my face routine at night! For relationship: trying to always be a positive and supportive gf for Matthew since he has a lot in his plate. Always trying to make an effort so he has at least one good part of the day even if he had a stressful day at West Point
Female, 36-40 years, Dating | Jan 05, 2016

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Going to sleep & waking up with my wife.

watch an episode of some series xDD

Telling the woman I love that I love her... Or some other rude name to show my love lol

Texting my man cuz I dnt get to have him or see him every day..

Starting and ending the day with my hubby.

Taking my dogs out and feeding them 😋

Telling my love good morning and to have a good day. Plus making my bed. It just sets my day.

Try to clear my mind and get through the day.

Prayer, then showing my family I love them

Awareness. Coming back to that starting place on everyone other daily ritual I do.

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