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Has your partner ever criticized you in front of other people?

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No but I have😔



No... I hope he never would. I wouldn't be able to do that to him.


No. I just found out she has a plan to slowly murder me though.
I told you it wouldn't be slow! That'd be if I was a typical girl from those shows who poison people. Statistically speaking a spouse is the most likely to murder you.
Male or Female, 26-30 years, Dating | Jun 26, 2015

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no, he has never done that to me. thank you my love.

No and I don't think he ever would

I feel like we have before like when we are drunk and were barely together. But now I think that it's not okay because as a couple you shouldn't have to criticize your partner if you love then unconditionally.

Nunca, aunque eso es bueno, suele ser muy despegado de por si cuando estamos con alguien mas... aunque un dia, me sorprendio, estaba platicando con uno de sus amigos y le dijo que yo sabia hacer muchas cosas... fue muy lindo jeje

Yes, and he has said things to other people that weren't necessarily about me but they still made me look bad (not on purpose)

si. mas de una vez ha dicho mis errores pero los de el ni los menciona


Nope. I don't think she would ever do that. even if I wasn't there, I don't think she would

Yes once and I almost cried it was at John Brauns u didn't full on criticize me but it was something said in front of other people that was supposed to hurt me

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