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How do you feel about open relationships?

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I have no judgments on other people's life choices. For myself personally, I am comfortable with remaining committed to one person and trusting that they would too.

For me. Depends. Right now. No kids and on bc. Open to an open relationship. For sure. As long as it doesn't interfere with my current relationship. Other circumstances. I might feel different.

I am a monogamous person and I don't like the thought of having an open relationship. That can introduce feelings of mistrust, jealousy, anxiety, heartbreak, etc. into a relationship not to mention if they are intimate with someone else and aren't careful they could spread a disease on to you.

Not really sure about them but when u want someone u just want them but sometimes there can be other things that can probably get in the way, u know how it goes whenever u have someone you are trying to be with that's when everyone wants to come out of everywhere and want to be with you, I will never understand this and I don't know why.
Against them.
Male or Female, 21-25 years, Dating | Feb 24, 2015

I think this is always the case because when you start a new relationship, you have this new lease of life if you get what i mean and with that more confidence, happiness and we probably express that alot more with people around us which to some people may find more attractive in you, which they didnt see before......thats what i think lol may be completely wrong haha
Female, 36-40 years, Dating | Jan 06, 2016

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Cool for others, definitely not for me.

I hate them. I don't share my boyfriend with anyone. Love and sex should be more special in relationships. I am way too clingy and jealous to allow that.

no, no away.

No. Why even be in a relationship if you don't want to be faithful to one person.

Sé que lo he propuesto alguna vez pero no era completamente sincera, lo decía a modo de juego. Creo que realmente lo pasaría mal

Simply put, she's mine and I'm hers. No sharing.
You for me!!!!! 😝 you must love me exactly as I love you!! 😆
Female, 31-35 years, Dating | Apr 01, 2016

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Getting naked&being with a man is so much more than the undressing of ur clothes &having sex.Its undressing ur soul&giving urself completely 2 another. It's being completely exposed&vulnerable&giving someone else the power 2 do whatever they want w/u. It's terrifying&it's amazing&there's no other way. U can't give yourself 2 multiple people like that. That kind of intimacy is only possible w/1 person.So to me open relationships r pointless, a waste of time.Thats what they made toys for, right?

No. Nope. No way. I don't understand how being with other people couldn't detract from the relationship with the one you are supposed to love.


I used to think that it could work, that sex and love are really two separate things that are good when they mix but that you can also completely separate from one another. But now that I am in a really serious relationship, it is hard to say that. Especially when I know she is possessive and won't ever do such a thing. I guess she has changed me in some way !

Estoy en una estapa de mi vida, que me siendo drespreiada, abandonada, no deseada, por mi pareja. Que he deeado poder tner una relaccion habierta, para poder ir con otras personas que le interese ir a tomar el cafe con migo. Ir a un hotel, salir al parque a cminar, mirar una movie, tomar mirat el atardecer o la noche juntos. Deseo sentir a alguien que me quierea habrazar, decir me que me moro bien, que se fije en mi vestuario que me diga que le atraigo, que me regale flores que me habrase, que

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