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How much time could you spend with your partner before you needed some alone time?

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after about 3 straight days of constant contact, I find that the break while you are away coaching (for a matter of hours) reminds me how lucky I am to be with you.

I wanna spend all my time with her..being at work would be enough time from her

i think i always need alone time in one way or another, whether its to sit in the bath and shave my legs or to read a book or something. nothing too extreme, even if he is in the same room as me while i just read my book that would still be considered alone time. other then that i want to be around him 24/7

League night plz

All day and all night. sex before alone time haha

I wana spend all my time with him!!! Lol but if I had to work is fine or when I go on a run to clear my head.

Until I had to poop. #byebish. After that I'd come back haha

I guess we would have to give it a test run sometime lol

Well, from the time we've spent together, this feeling hasn't happened at all. Though I would love to "test this theory." It'll mean we get to spend hours upon hours of time with my partner!

I could spend forever with him

We can spend all our time together. I just sometimes need to go out, do something. I am not a stay at home person so I sometimes have trouble doing nothing. But we managed our time when we lived together and it was good :)

I don't think there's an actual limit as to how much time I could spend with you. Having my alone late night time is nice but I could do without it ditto with playing my own games. If I had to put a hard number... 2 weeks?
It's entirely dependent on my levels of depression. When I'm severely depressed, I need time alone to recoup and to not feel like I'm spreading my disease I cherish my alone time, yeah, but I've had a lot of it the last few years.
Female, 36-40 years, Married | Mar 24, 2017

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I think we're really good at being able to do our own thing in each other's company so I'd say a long time, I love being around you!

It hasn't happened yet

no idea

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