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Have you and your partner ever had a quickie at a relative's house? Was it more or less sexy than normal?

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Hmmm sort of a quickie but then we had to quickly stop because he heard the car pull in 😁😁😳
Hahahaha. Good times. It was quick alright.
Male or Female, 21-25 years, Dating | Feb 26, 2015

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Same answer as him.

Omg no never

Yes, it was just sex, no intimacy


Lol no but should try haha

We never rush it sweetheart.

At her parents. Kind of fun trying not to get caught. We should do stuff like that more.

Yet to occur.

yeah. kinda fun. at my sisters house too. I rememeber one at his parents when people were there. ran up to his room. hehehe

mmmm No pero sería interesante y sería sexy

we have. it has been a while since we have had sex in a risky location , spontaneous sex is fantastic
I was thinking about this the yesterday - when we used to go to the theater? the parking garage? or on the way home from montreal in the little red mustang? or Colleen's wedding in the grapevines? I'm not too big on the quickie at a relative's definitely somewhere a little risky ;)
Female, <20 years, Married | Jul 10, 2017

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We've had many experiences 😏❤️

We had full on sex at the beach house and my moms house. I was awesome sex none the less.

No. I would love to do it though. Quickies are way more sexy and exciting than regular sex. I love them.

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