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If you weren't in a relationship with your partner, would you still want to hang out with them?

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Yea just like that throwback week of mad chilling

Absolutely. Unless he really screwed up. Then it would depend.

Yes I absolutely would but I'm not worried about having to be in that situation.

Of course, because I love his personality but it would be really, really hard with the history we both know we have.

Freakin of course! He's my best friend, relationship and all


Definitely. Just hanging with you is way too much fun and makes me happier than ever.

Definitely! He's my best friend.

It depends, if it ended on good terms then yes, probably. I don't want to think about that though 😍 not gonna happen 😘

That would be weird. Not sure but I don't plan on it happening anyways :)
Yeah it would be weird, but I definitely don't plan on it happening :)
Female, 26-30 years, Dating, OR, US | Oct 25, 2015

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Yes but we tried that and it didn't really work

Yes, he is an amazing person and if we ever broke up I'd still want to be around him. His energy is some of the best in the world I just couldn't never see him again after having got to know him.



Most definitely. She's more fun to hang out with on Skype doing sod all than most of my real-life friends these days :p

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