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What turns you on about your partner?

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Too much to say can't even describe it fully
Everything. From his looks to his personality traits. Everything. Just everything. 😩🙌😩🙌😩🙌
Female, 26-30 years, Dating | Nov 03, 2014

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He awesome boobies and the taste of her vagina and her cute little butt and her abs and her lower back and her lips and neck and ear lobes and she's not into it but her asshole. I love licking it

Being patient, and understanding.

His smile is incredible! Bright teeth, symmetrical, muscular cheeks. His muscular neck and biceps! What a hunk!!!!!

Pretty much everything about you turns me on.. Your confidence, your eyes, and your smile. You're are unbelievably sexy and I love it when you're wearing work clothes. I know it's cheesy but I like it when you flirt with me and when all your attention is on me. It really turns me on when you kiss me and touch me.

Eyes, voice, chest, legs, c*ck...

I could go on all day about how she turns me on, but the first thing that comes to mind is the way she moves. Fluid and sexy.

Everything about him, but especially his smile. I love seeing him smile at me.

A lot of things but when he lets loose and is silly I'm like mmmmmmmyeahhhh

Everything about him turns me on (;

Everything about him except the fact that he insist on not wearing slippers 😔
Agreed. I adore everything about you; even your insistence you wear slippers!
Male or Female, 26-30 years, Dating | Feb 24, 2015

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This list could go on for days... #1 would be that look he gets, like he's going to devour me. Sometimes the vibe is so strong & hot, I can feel it from across the room! SOOOO sexy!

His butt, it is the perfect shape.

Personality,feminine,beautiful eyes,smile and body :)

Talking dirty, when she looks at me like she wants to eat me, her sexy ass, her skin, her clumsiness

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