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What domestic jobs do you genuinely enjoy?

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I thing just doing my bed.


Nothing. I'd rather watch Pete do stuff

Cleaning with the mop :P

Antes disfrutaba planchando, ahora no tanto

Yard work for sure

None but doing all of them is never ending. I hate clutter, messes all of it.

Cooking, baking, washing dishes, and laundry.

Making the bed.

House work. I love to clean! I do enjoy working outside on a nice day.
Love the outdoor "projects" she always comes up with!
Male, 21-25 years, Dating | Mar 09, 2016

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Hmm none, maybe organising clothes

I really enjoy cleaning and keeping a clean home. I like cleaning bathrooms (the best thing is to have a super clean bathroom) and freshly made bed.

picking things up and putting them away...

cleaning,change de objects in realtions a estetics enjoy,cooking,atent the garden

Cleaning lol. My roommates call me Monica from friends. I get stressed- I clean. Sometimes I even came home drunk and did the dishes. NO SHAME IN MY CLEAN GAME.

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