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Is your partner closer to you or to their family?

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You for Leo and family for katt

Me i guess
Can be same distance, no problem. Since he does be fair when there is an issue related to me and his family.
Female, 36-40 years, Dating | Sep 25, 2015

you for sure
Male, 36-40 years, Engaged | Sep 28, 2015

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he is close to both his family and me but definitely he is closer to his family. nothing wrong with that, I am glad he is close to his family and he loves and supports them. With time I hope he will become closer to me too.


Closer to me

She's close to both

my mom because there was no other option .... we don't talk now either.

mas de su familia

He has a very different bond to his family than he does to me. So its hard to compare


Thats a hard one but i think she is closer to me.

It's a work in progress

Im pretty sure to their family but more to her friends


To me. I know I am the person she trusts the most. Her family is a bit broken but she loves them anyway, it is how a family works. But I am eager to live with her so that she is completely out of her mother's range and influence, I think it is one a the best things I can give her : a stable and safe home.

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