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What was the first thing you ever said to your partner?

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Thanks for the pizza?
Hahaha I forgot about this!
Female, 31-35 years, Dating | Nov 21, 2015

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"eh sorry siapa nama lo?"

"Are you okay?"

"...No "

I love you.

If you're going to keep virtually poking me you need to increase the pace and work on your rhythm

You're really cute. Is that your Girlfriend? Have you ever had an orgasm? (I was 18 and drunk)

Wanna Dance ? :P
Yes, but I have to say... It's been a long time... Just warning you... :)
Female, 26-30 years, Engaged | Jul 27, 2016

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Supongo que hola, no lo recuerdo...

Lo primero que le dije? mmm... lo primero que le dije fue...''por que haces esto? por que me estas enamorando?'' y recuerdo que el solo se rio y no me contesto... aun asi... me enamore.

"Ugh. My feet are killing me." Total lie but I think that's pretty close to how it went?

Tbh you seem nice and you look cute xD

"Tbh:you're cute..."😂😂😂😂

Hey that's my brother's girlfriend.

How old are you

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