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What type of dog do you think your partner is most like? How about yourself?

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Oooooo!!!! Hmmmm good question ice break. He would be an Australian Shepard. So handsome and sweet. And lovable. Me... I would be some sort of a white poof. A crazy white poof

Mitch.. You're a chihuahua. I'm more of a pit bull 😎

Will is like a Labrador Retriever mixed with a German Shepherd. Fiercely loyal and protective of me, but oh so beautiful and cuddly.
I'm some type of fluffy little excitable whiny pup.

Corgi. Unique, not too much of one thing. Super cute and nerdy. 😍

Im not well versed im dog types so i wouldnt know.

No lo se

Heh... I topical question ;) Um I think Erica is kinda like a poodle I guess? She's very excitable and tippy and adoring and cute, so I just imagine that stereotypical pink French poodle when I think of her.

I personally haven't had much time to consider what BREED of dog I personify, but I'm kind of big and obedient so... Maybe a st.bernard? No, I'm not that fat. I'll go with a Great Dane. I think I'm petty similar to one of those.

un san bernardo... es noble y docil... aunque tiene mas potencial que ese, pero suele ser un perro de apariencia cansada y hasta depresiva, pero es muy agil e inteligente, pero prefiere estar en un lugar tranquilo y comodo.

No lo se

Belgian Malinois and corgi

Wtf kind of question is this? she is nothing like any dog.

She is definitely a Saint Bernard, but she is not as fat as some I know. We agreed I was a husky. I have blue eyes, I love to be out and running and I like it when it's cold :). I don't know how huskies are regarding the family and children though ...

He is a German shepherd and I am a black lab

He's probably a pit bull cause he's protective but loving too. Me I'm more of a Beagle I believe 😊

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