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What's something your partner does that always brings a smile to your face?

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Just being around and being sweet. Whenever she tells me she loves me.

When he says goodbye beautiful or goodbye gorgeous!

When he like gets fake "mad" with me if I tell him to stop doing something or if he bumps me in church with his hip or elbow during service stretching or something or if I raise my eyebrows at him he does it back and it's funny and makes me smile/laugh

Cuando me hace un poco de burla por algún error que cometí. Nunca se pasa de la raya, siempre me hace gracia.

When she makes sex jokes and flirts with me I can't help but giggle and smile.

when I shock him with a sex joke. shock factor!!!!!

Sings…and smiles and says "You're not a bunny, you gotta stop thinking about that!"

When she smiles. I lover her smile.

Bringing little treats and flowers when I least expected them

When he puts his forehead against mine, it feels like our souls wrap around each other & we r reconnecting

Everything. Looking at his eyes..

lol everything he does makes me smile. He's hilarious without even trying.

He doesn't always do it, but I smile whenever he sings

Telling me he loves me or making funny faces and sending me pictures of him smiling.

When she laughs loud.
Also, anything that would end in a "oh
-my-f'n-God!!! ... Daaamn!....ah-MAY... I never.... felt...."

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