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What is one household chore that you wish your partner would do for you?

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We got that on lock. I'm her sous chef and she helps me clean (aka pretend to clean)

Cuddle me & watch tv with me. It's something that needs to be done.

He does everything already

If we ever live together I hate cleaning the bathroom. Don't mind everything else but that lol also I'm picky about my dishes they have to be rinsed off before I can wash them.

Laundry when we have a house

Wrap her arms around me or have her hands explore my hair while I do the chores.

She does a lot, I have nothing

Laundry... Just so that I know he actually KNOWS how to do it.

We don't live together 😞

I don't mind doing any chores really 🤔 Just would get annoying to tidy up after a messy person but I know he'a not like that so #win 💃🏻

Help me cook new dishes.


wash the dogs

She has helped me a lot with household chores so I think we are more or less on the same grounds. She does the dishes, most of the laundry and shopping. I do the cooking, the ironing and most of the cleaning. If there is one thing, I would like her to tidy a little bit more (not clean, just tidy the rooms, storing the clothes and stuff).

putting the laundry/clothes away! I will wash and dry but hate putting it all away - I hired a maid to do it. if we keep the maid, I want him to watch the kids while I clean out both cars each week - they get full of crap through the week then I am left stressed and angry they are so dirty inside.

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