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When talking to friends, how much do you mention your partner?

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Ask your friends

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She comes up in conversation a bit, but usually like where is Michaela or haven't seen Michaela in awhile. Just the standard stuff but we have a lot of the same friends so they usually know what's going on.

Depends, most of my friends are engaged or married so we often talk about our partners. I don't normally talk about him to my single friends though.

All the time. I'm pretty sure they are sick of hearing about him hahaha

I try not to so much but I do brag about him a lot.

They ask about him all the time actually. It's surprising to me since they've never met him. 😂

Depends on the topic. I talk about her a lot but only in contexts that don't reveal any private information. I don't like to "kiss and tell" because it's disrespectful. But just in normal conversation, like probably 4/10 times I open my mouth it is about how much I love her or miss her or I'm talking about something fun we did etc.


seguido pero como no me gusta que se meta nadie en mi relaciones procuro nunca quejarme ni revelar información personal

I do it pretty often when I'm around my close friends.
You're too cute..
Female, 21-25 years, Dating | Sep 15, 2016

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I dont because I cant. No one really knows that I am in a relationship yet.

Whenever it needs to come up?

Pretty often and they definitely know i love her

I meantion him often. Specially and even more to my few close friends. I share with them what good things he does and how much of a great guy he is. I alao share to them som of our actions, so they can give me good advice on how to understand him more or resolve a problem.

A good amount of the time

Maybe intermittently, when it seems right. I seem to talk about her a lot in my day to day life.

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