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When talking to friends, how much do you mention your partner?

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All the time

A lot

Quite a bit, actually.

A lot. He's always on my mind.

Maybe once or twice...

All the time

A lot 😊

A lot...a lot...but I try not to because it will become obnoxious

All the time

All the time!

Almost everytime... She means everything to me
All the time, he never leaves my mind.
Female, 26-30 years, Dating | Dec 08, 2014

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I don't have friends, but she comes up in lots of conversations with coworkers.

I don't talk to friends much, for the ones I talk to, he comes up often.

It's basically almost all I talk about Bc she's kind of my whole world

I have shared all of our funny stories, but enough to make them jealous 😂 just because I'm a brat

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