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Who in your relationship is more likely to make the big decisions?

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both. lol.

Both of us together

well I feel being the guy of the relationship and later on down the road it would be me but I would and will always discuss things with her first

We make them together

We make them together


... A mi en lo opersonal no me gusta tomar decisiones, pero por el caracter que el posee lo mas probable es que sea yo quien lo haga

Me, I know where to eat
This is very true babe haha
Male or Female, 26-30 years, Dating | Jan 15, 2016

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Well i always look at her but she makes me take them

Me! I always make the decisions in the relationship, even with really small stuff like what we have for dinner or what to watch on the tele. It can be really annoying because I want my partner to be involved in the decisions too and sometimes he moans that I decide everything but then when it comes to it he leaves it up to me so I have to make the decisions.

Both of us. Sometimes in collaboration, sometimes alternating who's driving

most are joint. most are mutual.

Her. I got all the little things. She'll make the large plans though. She's super clutch with it.

el es el del carácter fuerte

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