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What's something you would like to do for your partner, but just haven't had the time?

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Give him anything he wants and satisfy his likes

I have time it's money I don't have

Take her on a long romantic road trip ending somewhere remote.

Learn to play the guitar and sing harmony with her. Learn to dance well enough to take her dancing and completely take her breath away.

Anything together really

I want to learn to cook his favorite meal. After a long day at the track cheering him on, I want to spend the evening confessing my love and pleasuring him in every way possible.

fix her closet door and dresser drawers correctly.


record a song with him in our Studio.

Clean for her

Take her to Europe

Since we are long distance and don't live together, I want to cook a meal for my man. He deserves it!

Treat her to a Spa day

Read the book he gave me on finding my strengths...

Having a quiet night alone, a fire, come great food and wine and his amazing company followed by getting naked!

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