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What's something you would like to do for your partner, but just haven't had the time?

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Been playful.

Build à snowman

Work on more fine art photos with her - she's my Muse!

Help with his homework
Rub her whole body from head to toes
Male, 41-50 years, Dating | Nov 29, 2013

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Enjoy doing something he wants to do.

Something I want to do but is not a matter of having the time or not is finding a good job. I can find a job tomorrow but I am trying to find a job that will put us in a better financial situation long-term and keep my career on track.

Work out a sheet of stupid things have done. stupid mistakes. and talk to each other, whether is everything changing for the better?

I wanted to send him a care package :3

Go pack all her stuff up and move her back right now

Give him more time for himself. I guess if we had the day to ourselves let him pick an activity and not complain if I don't like it :). As far as something we haven't done in a long time, maybe get him something nice. Or lingerie for me for him?

It's not time but distance. I wish I could eliminate the distance sooner. But for the sake of my children we are going to stick this out. Well I am and he has convinced me he is too

I would like to preen him properly

Schedule a couples massage somewhere. I think that would be nice and relaxing.

Give her a full body massage.

Anything he wanted.

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