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How do you think your partner sees you?

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Pretty and great

I think with her eyes...tho she doesn't have really good vision so maybe her contacts or glasses. ;p

I think you see me as someone who is a romantic which is good because it means that I think more and more with that mindset :)

I'm not sure. He probably sees me as an emotional package that needs to be fixed and taken care of. And as a person he sees potential with/in, someone he cares about deeply.

strawberry cheesecake

So someone who is better than I actually am but unlike it because you believe in me more than I do

With her eyes!

No seriously though, I think she sees me as a true friend and someone who makes her feel safe and secure. Someone who doesn't judge her or is fake with her. And someone who cares about her emotionally and physically.

As a Disney Jewish American Princess with nice teeth and floofy hair who likes to make animal impressions and answer these questions.

Through her glasses. She has trouble without them.

Como alguien que te aguantare todo porque me haces el favor de estar conmigo y siempre estaré ahí y perdonándote todo
Mal!!! no te veo asi. te veo como una persona llena de amor para el projimo, como un ser q busca ayudar y entregar lo mejor en su relacion
Male, 41-50 years, Domestically Partnered, QUE, MX | Aug 09, 2018

Jajaja si como no! Me acabas de decir que soy una ratera, que me tienes miedo y quieres seguir hablando con viejas.
Male, 36-40 years, Dating | Aug 09, 2018

si, si te tengo miedo y lo de ratera sabes xq fue y obvio no es verdad. No quiero seguir hablando con nadie
Male, 41-50 years, Domestically Partnered, QUE, MX | Aug 10, 2018

mmmm ya ves me tienes miedo
Male, 36-40 years, Dating | Aug 13, 2018

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She likes my butt

I think with his eye balls! whatever he sees, he's kept me around for a little while now so hopefully it's some of the same stuff I see in him. 😍😘

A silly girl that loves to have fun

Am looking for a good man to marry..

Idk. I think she see's I'm a good father and try to be better at it all the time. I think she see's I'm a good man. Maybe hard to handle sometimes. But a good man and someone to try and make a future with.
Could of been wrong on this one 😕
Male, 36-40 years, Dating | Feb 25, 2016

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