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How do you think your partner sees you?

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As her teammate

With eyes

I think he sees me as a talented capable person who just doesn't stand up for myself or take initiative. Probably that I don't value myself high enough to what I'm worth.

I think he sees me as kind and loving I would hope he'd see my strength as an individual as well.

She thinks I'm a good man and that she's lucky to be my wife.

I feel as if he doesn't no more unless he wants something from me anymore

As sick and frail but i know he knows me.

Someone to look up to to guide her. A protector, loving and carrying

thats exactly what i have been wondering about for the past few weeks! tell me haha honestly.

As old and sickly when reality is even if my body gives out my heart is still bigger than any he will ever see. Hopefully he will see the inner beauty and overlook the outer shell
That is just silly. She is strong and beautiful and that is what she will always be to me.
Male, >50 years, Dating, NY, US | Apr 26, 2014

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A great person that will always trust respect and honor her and the family

Asshole. I think she would rather not, n probably sees me as someone else.

As a useless, uncaring, attention seeking sponge, as well as a horrible mother, a simple childlike wife, and an addict.

I think he sees me as a mother
no, i don't see u as mother
Male or Female, 26-30 years, Dating | Apr 28, 2014

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