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What feeling or emotion do you have the most difficulty expressing?

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Haha I don't know I'm pretty emotional

All of the above.


Guilt. it's even hard for me to apologize for things that i know I am wrong about.

Anger, when I am angry at my partner. Because I love him so much it tears me apart. Most of the time I want to say that nothing matters, but my heart and my mind disagree. Then I think that he will brush me off saying its all drama whereas it's hurt me, so I shut I down. But I am working on it. I try to think that the sooner I said it the sooner we will work it out and then... hugs!

Anger. I try my best to not let it consume me.


how much i miss him

I don't like when people know I'm disappointed or sad about things so I try not to let people know most of the time. I don't know why but I just like people to think that my life is great

Celos , siempre que lo demuestro solo me meto en lios

All the feelings.
I hope that these feelings will become easier to show me. I love you
Male, 41-50 years, Dating, CA, US | Jan 27, 2016

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La felicidad el demostrar q soy feliz alado de el siento en el fondo q no merece verme asi por todo lo q me hizo

Either needing help or admitting I was wrong. I do it but it's still hard hah!
Oh my goodness lots. I try really hard to be expressive and open and many a times it ends up going terribly wrong haha. But the hardest might be admitting that something is bothering me.
Female, 26-30 years, Dating, AZ, US | Oct 18, 2015

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I don't do very well at conflict resolution do i don't express myself well when my feelings are hurt.

Pain, admitting that I need somebody, admitting the things that make me feel vulnerable, guilt, expressing that my feelings are hurt, expressing my needs... Stuff like that

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