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If you could change one thing about your partner, what would it be?

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His age.

Id give her the strength to face her demons so she wouldn't have so much anxiety

I honestly wouldn't change one thing. She's perfect the way she is. That's why I love her.

Where she lives!!

He would live closer to me.

Take away his worries stress anxiety and sadness. 😘

Where she lives

Nothing. She's perfect just the way she is

Just to realize my voice gets loud with excitement of any type and I'm not usually pissed. also thar i have resting bitch face.

That he would actually watch the shows I recommend to him since I almost always watch the ones he suggest.

I value my life so I will save that for my own thoughts

Her attitude towards school

I would help her find something she is really passionate about. She bounces from one thing to the next not ever refining any skill set. It would be so useful because when a person has passion they can use it in other aspects of life.

Her location.

Her cold personality. It'd be nice if she were more loving & affectionate.

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