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What used to be exciting in your relationship that is now humdrum and normal?

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I can't think of anything major at this point. However, I would enjoy a nice date like we had at precinct from time to time. Gives me an opportunity to dress up for him, look him in the eye, and enjoy how much I love him!

Nothing, everything is still exciting :))

I still get excited and nervous. Unsure if or when that would wear off?

nothing at all, I am just starting this relationship and can't wait to have adventures

I guess meeting up at B&N to study and then going out to a bar to drink. We don't do that any more much because I think we are focusing on the bigger picture

The only time we have anything hum drum is when we are too tired. We make an effort to keep everything lively. And of course, in bed the sparks are always flying

Hahah everything's still super exciting.

Nothing major. We're still discovering things about each other.

Night life


uh nothing

Butt stuff

He still gets me excited. I also still get nervous when he comes to pick me up lol

Ours is never humdrum. We change our situation almost every 4 months ! And even when we lived together, we did a lot of different things. So no need to spice up our relationship, it is exciting enough already :)

Nothing everything is so intriguing and out of this world

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