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Did you and your partner grow up with good relational role-models?

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A little bit yes.
Female, 21-25 years, Dating | Dec 29, 2017

Male, 21-25 years, Dating | Dec 29, 2017

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I did, she clearly didn't. I would love to be like my parents when I become one. They still love each other after so many years and the are, to me, the best kind of parents. Jessica's family is not very functional, there are lots of issues between everyone, mostly because of her mother. Hopefully, we agree a lot on education and I think we will try to be good role models for our children



ella crecio con padres no muy amorosos y yo si tuvebuenos padres con problemas normales

I think he did but I dnt believe I did.


I believe so

He has great parents. I, on the other hand, never had a good relational role model. All of the relationships I've witnessed growing up were terribly abusive and dysfunctional. It's made it hard to even know what a healthy relationship would look like.

I guess half half.

My parents had a terrible relationship, I know very few people that have had good and healthy relationships. It's hard.

Probably not

No. My dad tried his best but my mom an their marriage taught me more of what I shouldn't do instead of should do. My partner had an abusive father but his mom is a great mother.


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