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How much do you like the way your partner dresses?

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Me encanta!!! desde que lo conoci no pude ponerle ningun pero a su estilo, y a pesar de que su ropa refleja ese abandono que ya he mencionado antes, me fasina su gusto al vestir, es exactamente como me gusta que vista un hombre... y siempre conserva ese toque elegante y serio, sin mencionar que la convinacion de colores aunque muy basica es bastante harmoniosa en conjunto de su piel,cuerpo y manera de ser.

No complaints at all.

He enjoys the way I dress because he want to bag me

Sometimes I'd like to drag him in a store I like and dress him, but if I did that, he wouldn't be himself anymore, so I prefer him to have his own style, so I'd say a lot.

Love it hands down

Muy bien

I love it, baby I always think you have such a good handle on fashion you always manage to wear something both cool and sexy. I especially enjoyed the dungarees lately, yeah u really like them on you actually. xx

I like it. I recently picked up clothes for him and he looks amazing😍however, I always wonder if he likes it and if he really considers it his style. though he used to dress differently than now, I still love his style. he looks so good in anything....or without 😉

I can't wait until we both reach our weight loss goals so that we can look nice all the time. I love his clothes but they are so casual most of the time and he could be a really classy guy if he wanted to. 😊

Love it. She seriously makes anything look good. She can go from wearing a fancy outfit to sweats and an oversized hoodie and still look amazing. Her sense of style is definitely unique. I dig it.

I love the way she dresses! She always looks beautiful, cute, hot and pretty all at the same time!
AW I love you so much thank you ❤️ Hehe I like the way you dress too! Also because you let me dress you when we're together and that's super cute ☺️
Female, 26-30 years, Dating, NJ, US | Apr 24, 2016

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Well, considering that i bought a majority of his wardrobe, I like the way he dresses

He dresses well, and like a real doc sometimes. He just needs more things 🤗
yesss i wear the same few stuff
Male, 21-25 years, Engaged | Jul 30, 2017

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se viste a su estilo, a veces hay que ayudarlo, pero en generla no tengo problema

I love the way he dresses most of the time ... I don't like his "preppy" golf clothes "athletic wear" ... Makes him look like a nerd

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