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What is your favorite possession? How did you get it?

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Possessions are meaningless, materialistic possessions are meaningless and are not important to me, family, friends and love is

My watch bc it has become part of me and was given to me by my girl ❤️

I would say, at the moment, my ring. I got used to it and it feels like something that reminds me of Jessica even when she is not around :). It is a bit annoying because it doesn't fit properly so the adapter annoys me some times, but I get used to it :).

My grams ring and my son

My girl and moving to jersey

Photos. Because they are pieces of the special moments in my life that i can not go back to, but I can always relive it just by looking at it.

Materialistic possessions don't matter to me.

My birthstone ring that my dad gave me.

Ring gifted by him is my forever possession. Recently, he surprised me with another beautiful ring /titanium-rings-c-246_31.html. I got this one for being there in his good and bad. I like to wear this because I feel more for him after wearing them. I am blessed with the person who is simply best in all aspects.

My necklace.. My boyfriend gave it to me; it was the first thing he got me right when we got together. Picked up a pearl from the beach and made it into a perfect

the kanzashi he gave me in my birthday, the moon necklace he gave to me in our anniversary, drinking glass that his parents gave to me when I visited them, a clow card that my best friend gave me when we first met, and a doll that my mom gave me when I was a baby.

keliling duniaa, iya kan bey?

A little kids plastic hero medal. A little boy gave it to me at a kids birthday party at the fire hall because he said I was his hero for being a firefighter
Oh 😍
Male or Female, 21-25 years, Dating | Aug 31, 2015

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My collage portrait of Cole. My brother and sister in law surprised me with it
My college championship ring. We won the Mid American Conference championship my junior year of college for the second year in a row.
Female, 41-50 years, Dating | Sep 03, 2015

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My bible and I bought it lol

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