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What is something you take for granted about your partner, but know you shouldn't?

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How hard she works with the kids and taking care of our home

Nothing I think

Sometimes I take his kindness for granted but not on purpose. During fights when he's still being sweet and there for me trying to work it out and I ignore him I feel bad after...just my emotions make me so selfish and cold towards him when I'm upset or mad or annoyed etc. 😞

How much my gf loves me, no matter the mistakes I make

The little stuff he does. The help he gives me, the love and support, there's so much that's a daily task that I don't say thank you enough for and show appreciation as my has I should

How nice and sweet and caring he is and he always ask me if I want to talk about my problems but I don't take advantage of it because I stay to myself usually, but I'm working on it
His willingness to always do things that I ask of him.
Male or Female, <20 years, Dating | Feb 23, 2015

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The fact that when I'm upset and trying to pick a fight, but instead he says I love you and comforts me. It upsets me at the time, but it's the best knowing he cares and doesn't give into my ups and downs.

her loyalty

too nice.

I don't know. I really don't take anything for granted.

How well he treats me; I'm not used to be treated this way.

His patience!

slow and steady demeanor
Yes, it can be, I assume it prevents you from jumping to conclusions or making rash decisions you would regret. Am I wrong?
Female, 36-40 years, Dating, TX, US | Nov 06, 2015

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He's always there, no matter what we have been through he never gives up.

I don't take anything for granted. I'm in love with everything she does and I hope I remind her enough each day.

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