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How do you show respect to your partner?

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To say sorry when I'm wrong

Listening and being honest

I respect her in every way. I think she knows it but I will always listen to her opinion, sometimes because I need it, sometimes even if I disagree with her. And I would never do something disrespectful to her such as talking down to her, cheating on her or criticize her behind her back. If I want to say something, I say it, because for me it is the first mark of respect, to be truthful in your relationship

Listening and being open

Loving her away from those I should not have close, being faithful, speaking well.

listen and be considerate of ideas and feelings.

hmmmmm. I guess through honesty and faithfulness. those are at least the most obvious ways, to me anyway. lol

mmm... pues no lo se la verdad... me comporto como siempre tenga o no pareja, lo unico que cambia es el hecho de que me vuelvo menos social y mas observadora

I respect and always consider his opinions and feelings about things. I think I'm a fairly decent listener and try to always be there for him when he needs me. I try to make sure that all of his needs are being met. I make sure that he knows that he is ALWAYS a priority in my life by my actions- he's needs come before my own.

Being completely honest and faithful to her

There should be no secrets, being true to her/faithful, and treating her like she treats me. She treating me like a king, so I treat her like a queen.

By being true to him and love him faithfully

I ask for her opinion

With honesty and loyalty, trying to be polite, empathy/putting myself in her shoes, listening and being considerate of ideas/thoughts/feelings no matter how much they drive me crazy

By being honest with him, faithful in every way, and listening to him.

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