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How do you think you could improve your relationship with your partner’s family?

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I think our relationship is decent but maybe could be better if I reached out with phone calls or emails more often.

I think they would like me, if they see how much I love, respect and adore him.

Well just spend more time with them

Meet em

Being able to talk to you much like we are today

Being consistent. Bridging the space between the Love in my heart for her, and my actions, which raise doubts and fears to her family. That said, I believe this has more to do with what they want for her, and what she wants for herself, rather than what I can do. I believe this because only her father ever asked me what my intentions were; I think they are waiting and hoping that she ends it, which has not been easy for me to know or believe.

I think we have a fairly good relationship but it would help for me to see them more often so when I'm home hey!
Seeing them more often would definitely help! But that's kinda hard to do when she's not here. What I do try to do now is talk to her sister once in a while, kinda just to check in and see how they're doing. Also I think successfully getting through these two years apart will help a lot in showing them how serious I am about her and our relationship.
Female, 21-25 years, Dating, AZ, US | Oct 19, 2015

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Talk to them when I'm around them more?

It would help if I could meet them.

We have agreat relationship

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Continue to love their daughter unconditional and show respect and understanding in all our interactions

I don't know that it can be improved. I guess I could just support him having whatever kind of relationship he wants to have with them.

Hah funny tht can't be fixed

Mmmm es algo complicado. No creo que me sienta a gusto con ellos despues de todo lo que pasi me da pena mucha pena

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